How to make money online from Youtube

Today, the internet is considered a primary source of knowledge and interacting with others, in addition to being the main station to know the latest news and follow the latest events. let’s try in this article to make the best use of that and learn how to make money online from Youtube.

Today, the use of the Internet and social media is focused on making profits and increasing money, because it is another source of increasing an individual’s financial returns.

Youtube Partner
Youtube Partner

Youtube Partnership Program

There are many ways to earn money through the internet, some of which are legal and some are not. There is no doubt that Facebook is the strongest site in terms of bringing money as a result of the ads and tremendous news circulating on it daily, but few know that YouTube is another rich source to make a profit and earn extra money.

Let’s try to make it very simple so everyone can understand and start to make money online, even more, start to work from home.

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How to make money online from Youtube

earn dollars
Make money from Youtube

What if a young man who does not have any experience in the Internet marketing or social media asked me: “How to make money online from YouTube?”

How do I answer him and where shall I start from, and how can I clarify the idea for this beginner, and put him on the right path?
This is what motivated me to write this comprehensive article, in which I will work hard to answer the question: How to make money online from YouTube?

How do you know that if you are really qualified to make money from YouTube

  • If you like photography, and the camera is always with you recording videos.
  • Or, if you have a child or a pet that loves to play and is always on the move doing strange and funny things, and you keep shooting those rare clips.
  •  If you are one of those people who loves to perform in front of the camera, and you have a certain talent. A talent that you always used to show to your family or friends.
  • If you are talented explaining things to others and simplify the ideas to reach their minds.
  • Or, if you always have new charming and attractive ideas which you can turn into video clips.
  • If you can turn any tutorial or a how-to guide to a video.
  • If you can be inspiring and motivating to others
  • Or, if you have any skill about anything and you want to teach it and learn it to others through videos.
  • The list never ends.

Make money online from Youtube

In short, you are eligible to profit from YouTube as long as you can provide good and attractive videos. there is always a large audience that wants to watch these videos.

In fact, there are many people making videos and profit from them through the genius company Google, which allows you to own a channel on the largest YouTube video platform and, also allows you to link it to their profit-sharing program Google Adsense.

Everyone can make money from Youtube as long as you can provide rich and valuable video content in any niche. Either it’s humor, instructional, motivational…

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Average earnings from Youtube

The average earning from YouTube varies from 1 to 2 dollars per thousand views from visitors coming from a tier 3 country and can go up to 4 to 6$ or more if your visitors are from a Tier 1 country.

For example, if the videos on your channel get approximately 10,000 views every day, and all these videos are shared in the advertising program from Youtube, then you will get 10 to 20 dollars a day, or 300 to 600 dollars per month. and that’s just 10,000 on all your uploaded videos. Imagine you get millions of views.

Youtube eligibility requirements to monetize your channel

Youtube Requirements
Youtube Requirements
  1. You need to have 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel
  2. Your videos have generated 4,000 Watch Time hours over the last 12 months
  3. You comply with all YouTube’s policies and guidelines
  4. You have an AdSense account set up

What are the main steps to start making money from Youtube

1- Choose a successful YouTube channel idea or niche

This is the first and most important step on the way to your success as a publisher with YouTube. In which you must choose a channel idea that suits your interests and passions. You need to choose an idea that you know a lot about and ready to transfer all that knowledge into videos so that you can continue working on it without getting bored. Also, you must choose a channel idea in which a good number of people are interested, and who will be ready to watch your videos.

Don’t copy other’s successful ideas and think it will work out with you, I’ve seen so many youtube channels with weird concepts and still they are making a lot of money from.

2- Choose Video creator / editing software wisely

No one will be able to do anything without having the right tools. The video creator or editing software is one of the most important tools for you as a YouTuber. Choose it wisely, as you will spend a fair amount of time on it to learn it well and understands all its aspects and features.

Choose a program that exactly suits your needs and your content. Do not choose a very simple program to the point where you will end up with videos that are not good enough, and do not choose a complex program that requires a long time to master while you will not need all of the features it offers.

Identify the content you want to publish and run a good google search for a suitable video editor software that will exactly do what you want. Master this software and its features and you will end up with great eye-catching videos.

3- Adjust the necessary settings for your YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel may seem easy. But at the deep level there are a lot of settings that you have to adjust. You should also have a clear idea and plan for your channel.

1-Modify the channel icon or the profile picture of your channel.

The channel icon is a small image that appears as a circle to express your channel in many places on YouTube, and it is a very important element to let people know what your channel is about.

2- Add a cover photo

The cover photo is a large rectangular image that will express the activity of your channel and what it provides. To add a channel cover photo, press the blue button.

A window will pop up in front of you. Click on the “Select Image from Computer” button, and choose an image from the computer ( recommended size is 2560 pixels * 1440 pixels). It’s important if you want to make money online from Youtube.

3– Adjust channel settings

Clicking on the “About” tab will take you to the page settings and, there you will need to edit four main things.

  • Channel description
    It is a brief summary of the channel, its specialty, nature, and the content provided. Click on it to write a good description that reflects the image of your channel.
  • Business inquiries
    By clicking on it you can add an email to let others contact you when needed.
  • Geographical location
    Click here and choose your country.
  • Links
    It’s a feature that enables you to add other links related to your channel. Such as your website, your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

4- Create and upload your first YouTube video

You need to know that, the most important of anything you do is how you start it and how you define the very beginning of your plan. Don’t wait too long to upload your first video. Just start the sooner possible.

You also need to know that the chances of success increase with time and how many videos you upload. Your second video will have more chances to succeed than your first, and so does the third compared to the second. That’s because you will be earning subscribers on the way.

Upload regularly and don’t let the small numbers at first stop you. That’s normal… the more you upload good videos the higher your chances are.

Your success and making money online from YouTube depends on two main factors

  • Good Content
  • Good Marketing
Content is king
Content is king

Neither of them can be dispensed with in favor of the other. Good content alone is not enough in the process of making a profit through YouTube. And, you always need marketing, in order for your videos to reach the largest possible number of views, and helps it rank higher on Youtube SERPs.

Let’s start with the content. And, what are the most important guidelines that you should follow in order to create content people want to watch and will come back for more.

How to create an attractive video with good content

1- Always try to be different
Many try to imitate others or implement the successful ideas of others. And, more often this does not work for them. and they end up quitting really quickly.
People want something new which they have not seen before. Or, at least they have not seen it the way you are presenting it. People are usually attracted to everything new and strange for them. So try to have your own style that people dazzle, and this will be the ideal situation for you as a beginner.

2– If you will be in front of your camera, be confident.
Show your talent with courage and confidence, as this is your way to reach people’s hearts. Confidence will help you gain more subscribers, more views.

3- You should take care of the technical aspect of the videos that you will record.

  •     You should have a good camera
    Don’t worry about the price, there are a lot of good ones at affordable prices.
  •     You should take good care of the purity of the sound and not have too much background noise.
  •     Lighting is very important, you need to take care of this aspect.
  •    Use a good creator/editing video software.

4– Title and description of your video
The video title and description should be attractive and fully reflect the content of the video. Description of the video is so important and I might write a whole article about this specific topic in later posts.

5- Don’t prolong your videos.
 The short video that expresses the idea in a way that has no length or filling, has proven to be the video that gets the most views.

6- Always keep your camera with you, and be ready to start shooting

Often rare scenes need alertness and a constant willingness to seize the opportunity to shoot them. You never know what you will encounter when you are out, it can be your next viral video.

7- Experience matters
Do not judge yourself with success or failure from the first, second, or third video. but make the largest amount of various videos, and watch which of them gets more views. The ones which succeed more are the ones you should focus on their content and style.

Learn from your experience and avoid future mistakes.

The next thing you need after creating great videos is marketing and advertising those videos.

Marketing and advertising

1- The setup of your youtube channel is important and helps you be more soon

The entire channel setup, as per your profile picture, cover photo, description, contact…. plays a good role in increasing your chance to be seen by others and have more subscribers.

2- People tends to listen and do what you tell them to do

Always ask your audience to like your video and subscribe to your channel, always ask them to leave a comment about anything, and ask them to share your videos with their friends on social media. This technique still works and will cause more engagement.

3- Use social media and your online presence

We have pointed in previous articles the importance of having an online presence through creating your website, your Facebook page, Instagram, twitter… When you first upload your Youtube video let everyone who follows you in any of the social platforms to know about it.

4- If you have some extra money, Do paid Ad campaigns

Paid advertising campaigns can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. There’s no harm of spending a small budget to be more seen

In the end, let me tell you the golden tip that will complete the answer to the question: how to make money online from Youtube.

If am idea flashes on your mind, do not hesitate to start directly in its implementation, as experience and repetition will earn you the experience you need to succeed in the end.

Think carefully about what you can offer in a video for the audience, and when you come up with an idea, implement it in your first video.

How do you receive your money from Youtube

In order for the profits to be received, the user must create an account in Google Adsense related to earning via digital ads managed by Google and then link it to his YouTube channel. However, caution remains in how to use this network is the basis in addition to patience and perseverance to earn money in a legitimate and guaranteed way.

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