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How to make money online

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy every second of your time here. I hope this article will help you to achieve your financial freedom.
At the end of this article, you will be able to work from home. You will learn how to make money online easy and fast.

how to make money online and work from home
how to make money online and work from home

I am writing this article for anyone who doesn’t have thousands of dollars to start an online business with. Of course having a big budget will speed up all the procedures, even you might tweak it a lot and focus on sales from the very beginning. But, what if you don’t have a big budget to pay loads of money for Ads?

This article will help you to establish an online presence starting from scratch and it requires a lot of your time and a lot of your patience.

About this Article

First, please let me tell you about this article. It is not about the top 10 websites where you can do some clicks and start earning money. Neither it is like those articles that tell you about 70 ways to start making money online. Giving you dozens of websites where they promise you that you can make money from and probably work from home.

No, this article is about a PLAN. Actually One plan that you should do every step of it. the plan that will let you have an online business that will surely make you the money you are looking for.

It can be free and it can cost you just a little

Is everything free? No. Of course, the information I am giving you is free. But some expenses shall be spent. Don’t worry it can be as low as 100$ to complete all the steps and have your business online. I know there are still people that do not favor paying for something they can’t touch.

And they don’t consider that as an investment, like buying a domain for example. But trust me! Every penny you will spend while you are following this plan will be worth it. It will make a hundred times more than what you are going to spend. Of course, there’s always free steps in this plan! like creating a youtube channel or a Facebook page.

On the other hand, running Facebook ads is not free, yet it’s cheap compared to its results.

Your niche is important

First thing first, is your niche. You need to have a niche to start everything around it, and No please don’t go ask google about the most working niche for this year. It will never work this way.

Your first business niche should be something that you are linked to, something you love and you have a passion to.

It should be something that you can write about and maybe create videos/tutorials about.

Think about what you love to do the most, and make it your niche. maybe it’s technology, humor, luxury, education… Just make sure it’s something you really love to do and talk about.

Start a business and work from home.

how to make money online and work from home
how to make money online and work from home

How to make money online? that’s a question many are still asking and will always be skeptical if that is something people can do or not.

Well, making money online is not a hard task to do. Yet it requires discipline and time. and in this article, we will try to make it as simple as we can for you to get started.

At first, to get your question answered and to make it very clear since the beginning.

YES it’s very easy to make money online or to just sit back and work for home. You can also start making passive income and we will talk about that in other articles.

So, How to make money online?

there are many ways on the internet that can help you make that extra income you are looking for.

Or even will help you start working from home and even quit your job and make this your new fulltime job.

Who doesn’t like to be his boss? Why wouldn’t you like to become independent and be the real owner of his schedule? who doesn’t love to work from home?

online business plan
Work from home

Work from home

Making money has always been associated with certain traditional offline ways. With the web taking up an outsized part of our lives, more people are looking to ways to earn money online to extend their financial inflows.

In the next part of this article, we will cover the best fields and methods you can start with to start making money online. And even you can combine many of these ways and methods together.

We will list what we think is the best way in brief in this article.

Each of these ways is very well explained in detail. You can find it while surfing this website.

How to make money online.

When you search for how to work from home or how to make money online, you will get many results from thousands of sources.

Telling you how you can start with taking surveys, or install an application on your mobile and start viewing ads, others will tell you how you can make money online from typing or listening to music or play games, and even that those are a part of the ways that can let you make money online and those ways are covered into different articles on Brainfood+.

This article is about something different. it is about teaching you how to start your income with your assets. It is about to start something you can control, you can evolve, and the more effort you put into, the more it will make you, reaching six and seven digits numbers in income.

1- Start a website

Start a website
Start a website

This is the very common sense you should be aware of. If you want to start making money online, you need to have some presence on the internet.

Yes, your Facebook page is a good presence, your Instagram account is also fine. Actually all those social accounts you have are of course a must for your upcoming tasks, but your website is your number ONE identity, it’s your number one place to promote yourself, and to promote all your other social existence.

Having a website makes it a lot easier for others to find you. And from there, they will find your Facebook, your youtube channel…

It’s very cheap nowadays to have a website and very easy too. You can use any simple website builder like:

Webs and many more…

Remember, your website can drive traffic to your store. Your Facebook page, your Youtube channel or whatever the way you will be making money from, and what’s more fascinating is that you can turn your website into a passive income too.

Tip: You can also read how to make money online with a website.
How to generate traffic to your website.

This topic is also covered in BrainFood+.

2- Make money online with Facebook


Facebook is Big, it is very big. With over 2 billion users, there’s no way for anyone not to have a presence there. Everyone can earn money from Facebook in numerous different ways.

The first thing you need to do is to create a page. If you don’t have a page yet, just go and create one. It’s very simple and only 3 clicks away.

Now you are asking, but how am I going to make money with Facebook after creating my page?

Well, having your page with your niche name or even your real name is the first step and there are many ways to make money from your page.

I will list some of them here now summarized. For every way listed below there’s an article on BrainFood+ explaining to you in detail how you can do it.

1- Promote your website/Store/Youtube Channel…
2- Make money with videos you shoot or create through the in-steam ads program
3- Make money with your articles from your website through the Instant article program
4- Drive traffic from your page to your website/youtube/store…
5- Selling items in the Facebook Marketplace.

How to create your first Facebook page and how to grow it.
Tips to share your content without being flagged as spam, and how to use Facebook groups properly to grow your page.

Tip: You can also read how to make money online from Facebook.

How to use the minimal amount of money in Facebook ads to grow your page.
That is all covered in different articles in BrainFood+.

3- Make money online with Youtube

Youtube Partnership
Youtube Partner

Youtube is the biggest video platform on the internet with a total number of 1.3 billion users and 30 million visitors every day, five billion views daily. You can’t let those numbers pass in front of your eyes without using them. and what’s the good news? Youtube Partnership.

You can upload your videos to Youtube and earn money from the ads by joining the Youtube partner program. The payouts are really fair and worthy.

You can start your channel, upload your videos, and once you meet the partnership requirements you can submit for monetizing your videos.
( requirements are 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watched during the last 12 months ).

Alternatively to making money online through Youtube with their Partnership program, you can use your channel to gain the maximum potential for it:

1- Drive traffic to your website/store/Facebook page
2- promote your products and sell them
3- Fan fund program
4- license your content

Tip: You can also read how to make money online from Youtube.

4- Make money online with Google


Now, you have your website and you can drive traffic to your website, why not making money from that traffic? Of course Google is the best choice for this with their program: Google Adsense.

Google will display ads into your website and will pay you either per impression or by click ( CPM and CPC ) and it is good extra money for you.

5- Start an online store

start your online store today
start your online store today

Now, you have your website, your Facebook page, your youtube channel and you have managed to grow your audience, why not starting your online store and sell online?

Selling online is growing year after year. People are spending more money on goods they buy online. The numbers are huge and the potential is going bigger year after year.

Online sales today are 15% of the whole market and by 2023 it is estimated that these numbers goes up to hit 22%. Why you should not utilize that and start making money online?

Generally speaking, starting an online store has never been easier with so many websites offering you a simple drag and drop interface to build your store and host it. websites like:

BigCommerce, and many more…

6- Build an App ( Android/IOS)

Why you should build an App?

1- Having an App published at Playstore, App gallery, Apple Store will increase your visibility and reach to new potential audience/clients.

2- It will help you to create your brand and give strength to your name, and make a strong presence in the market.

3- Having an App will help you reach your audience better and faster.

A Mobile App is no more a hard task to do. You can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you at a cheap price. By cheap, I mean really cheap. Hiring a freelancer at Fiverr can cost you up to 50$ to make an app of your website.

With your App online and which you can promote through all the recent projects you completed. Your website, Facebook page, Youtube channel, Online store… You can send push notification to your audience and notify them about any update you did in any of your money-making platforms.

If you added a new article to your website or created a new video, even if you added a new item to your store… your audience will know faster. This will generate fast traffic to your platforms and as you know:
Traffic is Money!

Also read: How to turn your website into a mobile App

Cost of everything combined

Okay, let’s summarize what we have done so far and how much it will cost us to get there.

  • Creating a website.
    Cost Varies from 30$ to 50$ including the domain name and a hosting plan for a year.
  • Creating a Facebook page.
    The cost is Free
  • Creating a Youtube channel.
    The cost is Free
  • Creating a Google Adsense account.
    The cost is Free
  • Creating an online store.
    Cost is almost 30$ for a good shop at most of the websites
  • Building a mobile APP.
    If you are looking for a simple App, the cost can be 50$, and you can spend as much as 3000$ for a very developed app. After all, you will be spending from the money you will gain from all the previous steps to spend here so it’s all up to you!

Total Cost: 110$ to 130$ ( Impressive right? )

How to turn everything into money – Make money online

Now you have your website and your Google AdSense account is approved and you are adding valuable content to your site.

You have your Facebook Page and you are uploading good videos and you think it’s time to start making money from your Facebook page.

Your Youtube channel is ready and you are a little bit away from achieving the requirements and get your videos monetized.

You have picked some items to sell on your online store and it’s up and waiting for customers.

Your app is ready and published. Some people already downloaded it and you are thinking about how to get the maximum benefit from it.

Now you have probably started to make some money, yet you are not satisfied with that amount of money and you need more. what is exactly what you need? Right!! TRAFFIC! and again Traffic is money.

How to drive traffic and turn that into money

There are two ways to drive traffic to your website/Facebook/Youtube/Store/App:
– For free
– Paid

Let’s start with the one that will not cost your money.

1- Your Content is the king

Write unique and useful content, make your visitors get engaged with your content, and always come back to look for more. Your content can be articles, videos, tutorials… just make sure you have valuable content that pushes your visitors to spend time reading it.


Always go to Quora and search for questions related to your niche and be very creative answering them and point to your site or blog in your answer. Try not to spam and put some effort into your answers.

3- Reddit

Reddit is a big and popular platform and you can share information there. Use reddit to communicate with others and tell them about you and your website. You will get some real good traffic from Reddit.

4- Twitter

There’s no need to tell you how big Twitter is and how important to have a social presence on that platform, register an account with your website/niche name, and try to get some attention there.

5- Instagram

Of course you should never ignore Instagram and its huge potential to drive traffic. The platform is big and user friendly, and it’s also very linked to Facebook. It’s very important to start an Instagram account with your niche name there and make it active.

6- LinkedIn

Everyone thinks of LinkedIn as a way to find a job. Well, it’s not a good and valuable publishing platform and you should publish content to LinkedIn regularly.

7- SEO or On-page SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

On-page SEO can help your website rank higher in search engines and convey in additional traffic. Some on-page SEO elements include the page title, header, meta description, image alt-text, and the URL, and some more things. This will help you Show up in search engines and as a result will generate more traffic for your website.

8- Email Marketing

Add a widget to your site that allows your visitors to subscribe for a newsletter or ask them to submit their email to get a free ebook or a free tutorial related to your niche. Once you have a good email list, you can send out emails and ensure your visitors come back to your website.

9- Register in Forums and be Active

Every niche has its own forums where people interested have their discussion. Register there and be active, answer some questions, and be creative. Add your website/Social to your signature and make some presence. One way or another this will drive traffic to your website/channels.

10- Pinterest

Posting regularly on Pinterest can surely help you in driving more traffic. In fact, it will drive more traffic to your online shop than any other social platform. But, remember as every social platform you need to be posting regularly.

Paid methods for traffic to help you work from home

Having your presence in all those social platforms and forums will surely help you get traffic and audience. What if you want more? Yes, you can pay for ads to get traffic. but what are the best paid methods?

1- Facebook Ads

The most effective advertising plan reaches people where they are most of their time. Of course, that place is Facebook. Even better, Facebook ads are cheap. If you have a limited advertising budget, Facebook ads are an excellent bet.

2- Twitter Ads

Twitter is another good platform for paid advertising, with the ability to reach millions of users all across the globe, Twitter shall always be on your list when you want to spend money advertising your website.

3- Google ads

what is Google Ads?
Google Ads is a marketplace where companies pay to have their website ranked at the top of a search results page, based on keywords.

You can start with as little as 25$ and the results will be really impressive. So, if you are spending money to advertise your website, Google Ads should be on your list.

4- Instagram Ads

Instagram is a great place to spend your dollars in exchange of good advertising. It’s not expensive too and it has good potential. So keep that on your list too.

5- Youtube Ads

Did you create a video yet? did you turn any of your tutorials into a video? There’s no harm spending a few dollars on Youtube and get a good start.

What did we learn so far about how to make money online

So far, We have learned that we should have a website and we know how to create one, we know now how important it is to start our Facebook page, our youtube channel. You have your online store and a good developed App for your users to install and keep updated about all your news and plans.

Check Alternative ways to make money online.

Please, if you have any question of if you need any help regarding any topic, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will be so glad to answer all your questions and help you with anything you need!

Thanks for reading.
BrainFood+ Team.

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